Behind the scenes at our Fall Winter 2011/12 Photoshoot

 Photography: Claudia Goetzelmann
  Styling: Konrad Janus
Model: Rayna hein

 Stylist Konrad Yanus and Photographer Claudia Goetzelmann


Inspiration F/W 2011

Inspiration and sketches for Fall Winter 2011

 It was in the past that I found inspiration this time.
I remembered my first experiments with fashion when I used to modify
and transform the school uniform I was wearing while growing up in Romania during communism.


Pages from my sketchbook.

Dacia- the old Romanian car

I was also really inspired by the figurative elements
 and defining colors of Yves Klein`s art installations

                                     More of Yves Klein`s amazing art

In my studio..

Moodboards and inspiration..

Inspiration and sketches for Spring Summer 2010

                                Constantin Brancusi and his sculptures
Pages from my sketchbook and inspiration research.

          In my studio


Alexander Calder
Alexander Calder Silkscreen
One of my dresses inspired by Calder`s art.
Alexander Calder Instalation

More of my work in progress…
Necklaces inspired by Calder`s instalations

Spring Summer 2010 Photoshoot

Behind the scenes…
Alexandra & Brynn

Claudia Goetzelmann










Behind the scenes at Los Angeles Focus Fashion Show

Final decisions on the models


Deciding the order of entrance…